Operating within the values described above we have set ourselves a series of goals. The financial goals are to ensure we have the financial strength to achieve our values and reward our stakeholders whilst the remaining goals seek to ensure we meet our stakeholder expectations.


Revenue and profitability: We believe that we can be profitable as from our business.
We aim to show both revenue growth and an increase in profitability year by year.
Cash flow: We aim to maintain enough working capital to cover our operational expenses.


Client satisfaction and retention: We aim to achieve a high rate of customer satisfaction and improve on that rate year by year. We aim to have repeat business as a result of the positive experience enjoyed by our clients as well as having a high retention rate.
Product innovation: We will develop innovative products that speak our clients’ language.
Risk and return: While risk cannot be eliminated entirely, we aim to identify the risks relating to each product and/or project and mitigate these risks to the least possible level.
Targeting relevant markets: We have identified our target market as Egypt, Middle East and Africa. We will build on this existing target market through networking, tendering and client referrals/testimonials.
Employee development: We will recruit the best candidates and train them when appropriate. We will make opportunities available for our staff to improve their skills. We will have a development scheme in place to ensure that all members of our workforce can meet their full potential.